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Family Health Poly Clinic - Sexual Health Clinic


Family Health Polyclinic
Sexual health clinic

 The importance of the family as the smallest social unit is crystal clear. Warm and healthy family relationship is of the main concerns of researchers.

According to the last official census in 1390, more than 40 percent of the population is between the ages of 20-40 years and over 52 percent is between the ages of 15-45. A young population that is gaining sexual identity and is trying to raise a family.

According to the latest official statistics registered by the end of the year, Number of registered marriages has fallen more than 7.6 percent . in the same period divorce cases registered shows more than 4.3 per cent increase. These statistics reflect only the number of legal divorce. However, the separation is much more emotional.

The most common causes of the divorce cases are, economic pressure, addiction, moral misunderstanding. But the point still remains neglected that all these reasons have a missing link which is sexual relationship problems.

Sexual problems constitute a wide range of disorders. Gender identity disorder, physiological and psychological malfunction or disorder of sexual satisfaction are the most important problems.

This clinic is not only presenting treatments for patients and couples with marital problems, but also offers classes and training courses to help couples to raise awareness of healthy and safe relationships before and after marriage.

The services offered at the clinic is divided into two main categories:

1. educating, empowering and navigation skills

(A) particularly for girls and women

  • · Sexual health educational classes for girls
  • · Training courses before marriage
  • · Marital skills, especially for young couples
  • · Classes before pregnancy


(B) for boys and men

  • · Understanding the anatomy and the reproductive system of men and women
  • · Healthy and safe sex, especially boys requirements
  • · Common sexual problems in men and their solutions
  • · Chronic diseases associated with sexual difficulties for men
  • · Lifestyle and its relationship with the boys and men sexual affairs


2. Thehealth clinic

(A) particularly for girls and women


  • · Clinic of reproductive health and sexuality
  • · Sexual problems and marital therapy clinic includes:
  •      Ø sexual arousal disorder
  •      Ø decreased libido
  •      Ø impaired satisfaction (orgasm)
  • · Premarital counseling clinic
  • · Consultation Clinic for marital problems after delivery

(B) for boys and men

· Urology clinic treating sexual problems for men and boys, including:

              Ø decreased libido

              Ø malfunction in erectile and sexual arousal

              Ø premature ejaculation

              Ø counseling and treatment for physical problems and structural reproductive tract

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