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مجمع العلاجی الدوایی هلال ایران  على تم الاستعداد لاستقبال المرضى من جمیع البلدان و تقديم افضل خدمات العلاج السياحي باسعار منافسه


مجمع هلال ايران

طهران؛ تهرانبارس، شارع جشنوارة، بعد تقاطع سيد الشهداء


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العنوان على الخريطة


Center of Foreign Patients Treatment (Medical Tourism)


Aiming to relieving human sufferings and protecting their life and health, ignoring any discrimination, HELALIRAN Pharmaceutical & Medical Complex takes action to provide the human being with medical and rehabilitation services. As HELALIRAN has a special international situation and trusted internationally, the patients from other nations may confidently find this center as their trust for consultation and medical affairs with requesting medical aids from this center.

Why Patients in different countries choose Iran for making benefit from its rehabilitation and medical services?

Medical care services in Iran are along with services provided by developed countries. Some of the strengths of such services include its lower costs, better medical quality, and possibility of reference for medical follow-ups, online filing and completely covering all types of services as well as rapid diagnosis and treatment.

Introduction to HELALIRAN Pharmaceutical and Medical Complex

Benefiting from specialty and subspecialty care centers in a standard space with employing specialists and skilled and qualified personnel, this complex provides the patients, nationally and internationally, with specialized medical services.

Safe and comfort accommodation services, hoteling and (airport-to-airport) transfer, travel insurance coverage, interpreter and various recreational tours includes other advantages of servicing to its patients and his/her associated persons during their stay in Iran.

Now, this complex welcomes patients from Asian and African countries such as Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Tanzania, etc…

Services Provided in HELALIRAN Pharmaceutical & Medical Complex

Ophthalmology Subspecialty Center

Taking advantage from the experiences of tens of ophthalmologists and specialists as well as benefiting from advanced and modern ophthalmology devices, HELALIRAN’s Ophthalmology Specialty and Subspecialty Center provides the respected patients with all surgery services such as Cataract, Glaucoma, Retina, Blepharoplasty, Strabismus, Crosslinking, LASIK, LASEK,… as well as eye clinical services such as angiography and OCT, types of eye laser (P.R, P, P.D.T, M.P.C, Y.A.G, PI), etc… in its subspecialty clinics, eye surgery rooms and LASIK ward with best quality and appropriate tariff.

Additional Therapeutic Measures

Eye Angiography

Imaging of retina is conducted using the fluorescein injection by which the retina complications and diseases could be diagnosed. Fluorescein angiography is a technique for diagnosis of different retinal lesions, diabetic retinopathy, coronary diseases such as the arteries and veins clogging of retina, etc…. Now, using a state of art device called 2HRAHEIDELBERG, this center is providing such kind of services.

Optic Coherence Tomography. Or. OCT

It is a diagnostic system for imaging from human retina helping to evaluate and control different diseases of posterior segments such as age-related macular degeneration (ARMD), diabetic retinopathy and Glaucoma.

P.R.P Laser

This type of laser is used for diabetic patients in the retinopathy stage (bleeding vessels in retina).

P.D.T Laser

This therapeutic method is used for individuals affected by degeneration of retinal vessels particularly in the central vision area due to aging.

M.P.C Laser

It is used for bleeding in the central vision area at diabetic patients.

YAG Laser

This kind of laser is used for Capsulectomy and PI.


It means Posterior Capsular Opacification after Cataract , when the eye lens becomes opaque after    Cataract surgery.


This method is used for eye angle widening to prevent Glaucoma.

Echo Scan (Ultrasonography)

It includes A scan & B scan applying for determining the lens rating.

A Scan (Biometry)

It includes determining the eye lens power for cataract surgery and is one of the sensitive stages that this center provides now using advanced and well-equipped IOL-Master device.

B Scan

It is used for diagnosing the place of Retinal and Vitreous  Detachment, presence of an external body in the eye or orbit examination.

Computerized Perimetry

By using this device and its software system , it can be determined the field of the patient's vision.


This device can determine the thickness of Cornea and it is used for assessing and diagnosing the patients that candidate for LASIK , LASEK and PRK surgery.

Determining eye prescription number by computer, reviewing the refractive errors, diagnosis and treatment of Amblyopia (lazy eye ), and ocular muscle weakness is conducted by non-surgical treatment methods accurately as quickly as possible.

Eyeglasses Store

Presence of Eyeglasses Store in this unit may increase the welfare of patients as well as completing the services chain related to specialized eye treatment.

Some of the most important eye surgeries in this center with highest quality and maximum efficiency include:

Cataract surgery by Phaco method

Opacity of eye lens and losing its natural transparency is called Cataract and surgery is the only way for its treatment. Today, the best method for treating this disease is Phaco method.

Glaucoma Surgery

In this disease the optic nerve is damaged and if it couldn’t be properly treated, it may result in blindness. With its brilliant executive background in this field and employing the subspecialists in this field as well as skilled team in surgery room, this center could effectively take steps for diagnosis and treatment of this disease.

Vitrectomy Surgery

Now, this type of surgery has been widely used according to state of art technologies and latest scientific achievements by skilled medical team in the surgery rooms equipped to modern Vitrectomy devices. This operation is indeed a kind of surgery using for treating some disorders in the retina and vitreous body such as retinopathy, some cases for retinal detachment, macular hole, severe eye injury,…

Cross Linking

In this operation, by making more crosslinks in the cornea of the patient affected by Keratoconus, it may increase its stability.

LASIK, LASEK and PRK Surgery Room

Hyperopia and myopia and astigmatism so called “Refractive Errors”, are among complications most individuals suffered from and seeking for rectifying it. HELALIRAN Ophthalmology Specialty and Subspecialty Center considering the medical requirements, by launching a LASIK surgery room as well as studies and equipping it based on best and most valid ophthalmology center internationally, provided the patients with desirable conditions to take advantage of.

Other surgery operations conducted in this complex include Blepharoplasty, Oculoplasty, Strabismus, collagen Crosslinking for treating the Keratoconus, … after surgery operations, it is possible to hospitalize the patients under best possible conditions.

Infertility Subspecialty Center

According to scientific capabilities and researching and medical prominences of professors and specialists of this center in the field of infertility science and stem cell as well as applying the best equipment in different parts (Andrology, embryology, gynecology, genetics consultation, infertility consultation, fertility imaging, epidemiology and fertility health of social worker unit, psychology and cell therapy), infertility specialty therapies in this complex is the same of international rank. This center is also using the know-how and first class specialists of Royan Institute.

Different medical services of this center include:

1-        Studying the couples (by prominent specialists in the field of urology, Andrology, gynecology, infertility, genetics and reproduction);

2-        Lab studies (determining the performance of ovary and quality of endometrium, hormone studies,…)

3-        Hystrosalpingograhy  (uterine color image);

4-        Sonography  (abdominal and vaginal);

5-        Hystroscopy (for diagnosis and treatment of intrauterine abnormalities);

6-        Laparoscopy (diagnosis and treatment);

7-        Analysis of semen, sperm performance tests;

8-        Extraction of sperm from testicle (TESE) and epididymis (PESA);

9-        Stimulating the ovulation by advanced protocols;

10-    Incubating the sperm into uterine (IUI);

11-    In vitro fertilization (IVF);

12-    Intra cytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) (micro-injection);

13-    Embryo transfer;

14-    Hatching laser;

15-    Embryo cryopreservation, ovule cryopreservation, sperm cryopreservation, testicular tissue freezing;

16-    In vitro maturity of ovule (IVM);

17-    Fetal sex determination, and embryo transfer with desired sex;

18-    Diagnosis of fetal genetic diseases before implantation and healthy fetal transfer;

19-    Embryo transfer in the blastocyst stage (long term culture= 5 days);

20-    Ovule and embryo donation by legal paths;

21-    Surrogacy;

22-    Couple consultation for sex selection;

23-    Vasovasostomy;

24-    Vasoepididymostomy;

25-    Couple nutrition consultation;

26-    Cell therapy;

27-    Fertility preservation in fertility reduction risk;

28-    Conducing diagnostic surgery such as D&C (diagnostic curettage);

29-    Hormones endocrine clinic;

30-    Pre-natal clinic;

31-    Foreign patients ward;

32-    Varicocele surgery operation and TESA.

Specialized Center for Skin, Hair, Beauty & Laser

Employing the skilled medical team comprising from well-experienced specialists, special board for skin and hair, and skilled assistants, this center offers its services after providing the necessary diagnostic and medical consultations, in the outpatient surgery rooms equipped to advanced devices. Some activities of this complex include removing unwanted hairs, removal of skin lesions, and residual effects of acne, wrinkles and skin rejuvenation, removal of skin moles, skin Cryo treatment , Botox injection …

This center provides services along with state of art technologies and latest scientific achievements to meet the medical needs of patients and visitors.

·         Laser of unwanted hairs by Candela Alexanderite Device;

·         Hair transplantation by FUT and FIT methods;

·         Fractional laser

·         Botox Injection

·         Fat Injection

·         Gel Injection

·         IPL

·         Cryotherapy

·         Microdermabrasion

Cardiology Subspecialty Center

This center aims to provide non-invasive diagnostic and medical services by well-skilled physicians. Some activities of this center include: echocardiography, electrocardiography as a Color Doppler, exercise test, blood pressure holter and ECG,…

Specialized Clinics

Now, these clinics include various active divisions such as E.N.T, Gynecology, Orthopedic and knee (stem cell implantation), Pediatrics and Internal diseases in which there are treating different diseases.

Dentistry Specialty Center

The dentistry ward of HELALIRAN Pharmaceutical and Medical Complex has been established along with attaining the higher objectives of Red Cross and for servicing to public in the field of Oral Health in two working shifts, morning and evening, and in different units such as fixed and mobile prosthesis, special Endo, Pediatrics and Prevention, Jaw and Face surgery, fixed and mobile Orthodontics and Implant and could provide a desirable complex by the attempts of specialist dentists, skilled team of health workers, desirable dentistry materials, modern equipment and central sterilizing system(CSR) beside sterile system in the ward.

Dental specialty center includes following wards:

-            Replacing the lost teeth by fixtures made of titanium.


-            Teeth alignment and treating the jaw and teeth abnormalities.

Jaw and Face Surgery

-            Includes surgery operation for hidden teeth, types of tumors, implant surgery, jaw abnormalities and damages from lesions, repairing the fractures, renovation of face defects and cosmetic surgeries.

Periodontal surgery

-            Diagnosis of gum diseases with treating them by surgery and or by periodical tooth scaling, surgeries for increasing the length of crown for better embedding the crowns, implant surgery, surgical operation for gum transplantation in patients with gum degeneration.


-            Restoration of tooth decay by materials with the same color (composite) and different color (amalgam), beauty restorations, tooth bleaching,…


-            It is a branch of dentistry in which the teeth roots are treated.


-            Replacing the lost teeth by two methods, fixed prosthesis (coating and implant) and removable prosthesis (plaque).

Pediatric Dentistry

It includes oral health science in children and preventing the tooth decay and other oral complication by using fluoride therapy and fissure sealant.

Center for Treating the Foreign Patients

Benefiting from its existing specialty and subspecialty centers as well as cooperation with specialty and subspecialty hospitals nationally, HELALIRAN Pharmaceutical and Medical Complex provides the foreign patients with special medical services in a package comprising from comfortable accommodation services, hoteling and airport-to-airport transfer, travel insurance coverage, interpreter and various recreational tours includes other advantages of servicing to its patients and his/her associated persons during their stay in Iran.

HELALIRAN Accommodation Center

The lovely  and well-equipped hotel inside this medical center is one of the unique points of this complex. This specific point beside being economic and saving expenses , causes more foreign patients referral to this center.

Other Medical Services for foreign patients reffering for treatment includes:

a-        Internal department:

GUT system and liver, Rheumatology, Lung , Blood and Oncology, Cardiovascular, Neurology, Kidney, Endocrine, Skin and Hair and Beauty and Laser.

1-        Gut System and Liver

Reviewing and treating the Gut system diseases, Endoscopy as well as treating the liver diseases and Endosonography.

2-        Rheumatology

Diagnosis and treating the bone and joints diseases (Rheumatism diseases) and muscular and Osteoporosis.

3-        Lung

Diagnosis and treatments of lung diseases such as Asthma, Pneumonia, Tuberculosis, Bronchitis, Sarcoidosis, Pulmonary Fibrosis,…

4-        Blood and Oncology

Diagnosis and treatment as well as chemotherapy for curing the cancer diseases and blood diseases as well as treating the cancer tumors.

5-        Heart

Diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases with conducting angiography, echocardiography and interventional and…

6-        Infection

Diagnosis and treatment of all types of different infective diseases.

7-        Neurology

Diagnosis and treatment of all types of neurology diseases such as Parkinson's disease, Seizure and Epilepsy, spinal cord diseases,…


8-        Kidney

Diagnosis and treatment of renal diseases as well as preparing the patients for kidney transplant, dialysis and maintaining the kidney transplant.

9-        Endocrine

Diagnosis and treatment of ,thyroid diseases, diabetes and other endocrine diseases and issues related to Dwarfism and or Hirsutism in women, sexual dysfunction in males and females.

10-    Skin, Hair, Bea and Laser

A complex set of laser services, dermal surgeries and types of diagnostic and treatment actions for different skin diseases.

b-        Surgery Department

General, Neurology, Orthopedic, Thorax, Cardiovascular, Plastic reconstructive and burn repair, gastrointestinal and ENT, Ophthalmology, Urology, Pediatrics.

1-        General Surgery

It includes abdominal area and thorax surgery, soft tissue surgery for all part of the body like breast cancer, endocrine surgery,…

2-        Neurology Surgery

Nerve and brain surgery , treating the traumatic brain injury , brain and spinal cord tumors and treatment of lumbar disc.

3-        Orthopedic Surgery

Reconstruction and repairing the joints in adults, repairing the foot lesions, hand surgery, reconstructing and treating the exercise damages, repairing and treating types of fractures,…

4-        Thorax Surgery

Surgery of chest cavity tissues, except heart like lung surgery, internal masses, thorax,…

5-        Cardiovascular Surgery

Heart Surgery:

Some types of such surgical operations including patients affected by clogging of cardiac arteries that couldn’t answer to operations such as putting stent and it is a replacement treatment for coronary arteries (CABG);

6-        Arteries Surgery

Surgery and treatment of vascular damages and diseases such as: Aneurism, Carotid artery disease, varicose vein disease,…

7-        Burn and Plastic Constructive Surgery

Types of beauty and repairing surgeries such as plastic such as forehead and face lifting, Breast augmentation, Breast reduction, Liposuction, Rhinoplasty, Septoplasty, reconstruction and repair surgery like skin cancer, Breast reconstruction, Facial reconstruction, Otoplasty,…

8-        Ear, Throat and Nose (ENT)Surgery

Surgery and treatment of head and neck disorders and diseases particularly face, ear, nose, sinuses, neck organs, skull base, cochlear implant due to deafness or hearing loss,…

9-        Ophthalmology

Surgery for complications related to visual system by taking advantage of state of art diagnostic technologies and advanced surgery in ophthalmology.

10-    Urology Surgery

Surgery and treatment of cancers related to kidney, bladder and prostate, genital, and kidney transplant, surgery operations for congenital and acquired malformations for urine system such as repairing the duct, nephrolithotomy, kidney stones break up,…

11-    Pediatrics Surgery

It includes surgery of infants, kids, adolescents and young people as well as congenital diseases.

c-         Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology and Infertility

Diagnosis and treatment of surgeries related to gynecology and obstetrics as well as complications related to pregnancy and conducting all infertility treatments and related sonography, specific treatments related to frequent abortions, gamete donation, fetus donation, surrogacy,…

After choosing us for treating your diseases:

We will plan for your stay, you may only provide us with followings:

-            Sending your medical records by email and or contacting with related foreign pation’s consultant physician. the contact information is given at the end of this catalogue.

-            The consultant physician will be informed from your disease status  and he/she will guide you during your travel and treatment , in addition  we will take necessary action for your transfer from airport.

-              Accommodation , transportation and translator during your travel are provided by the center.

Documents required during your travel:

-            All medical records and medicines you are using as well as Echo, MRI, CT Scan and all medical tests and prescriptions provided for you in your country.

During Entrance to Iran

-            Our agent will welcome you at the airport and transfer you to your accommodation.

-            We will provide you with affairs related to your hospitalization and treating you in the hospital until the end of your treatment by our agent .

-            At the end of treatment, you will be provided with an invoice sheet for final settlement.

We are honor for providing our patients with the best and the most accurate medical services with affordable prices and quickest method.


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