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Specialty Clinic of Dermatology and Laser

Specialty Clinic of Dermatology and Laser

This clinic presents services by applying experienced medical staff consisting of qualified experts, dermatology Board holders and professional assistants, after the necessary diagnostic and therapeutic counseling, in outpatient operating room which are prepared by advanced equipments such as Laser Alexandrite Candela -for eliminating unwanted hair- and laser Fractional Co2 -to remove skin lesions and debris from acne and wrinkles-, rejuvenating the skin by the modern microdermabrasion abrasion, removal of moles and cryotherapy skin, Botox injections with the lowest rates and fees.


our goals is to meet the treatment needs of patients by offering services with the latest scientific and technological achievements.

Laser therapy: Laser hair removal is the most common application in the field of dermatology. in addition Laser is used to rejuvenate and improve wrinkles, acne scar removal, removal of vascular lesions, etc.
Microdermabrasion abrasion is used to remove acne scars and sinking remaining

Botox injections: is used to cause paralysis in certain areas of the muscles in order to repair lines and wrinkles caused by frowning, laughing, horizontal forehead creases, lines around the eyes. This is one of the things that must be done by a dermatologist familiar with the anatomy.

Mesotherapy: strengthening hair root and preventing hair loss

CO2 laser fractional: for skin lesions (moles, warts, corns and acne scars)

PRP: rejuvenating the skin, strengthening hair root and preventing hair loss

hair restoration by natural methods (FIT –FUT)

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