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Helal Specialty and Subspecialty Center of Infertility-Rouyesh

Helal Specialty and Subspecialty Center of Infertility (Rouyesh )


History ofinfertility treatment in the world and Iran

Looking at thehistory of Infertilityin theworldshowsthat tryingforthefirstbirthwith IVF, was related toEnglishProfessorEdwardsin 1972, the firstbabywas bornin 1977 with this way. Thissuccess led to the creation of a new medical facilityIncludingprenatalgenetic diagnosisandresults of itwas born more than5million children.

In Iran the first babywas born in this way in Yazd in 1369,and then in Royan Institute, Iran has the First placeamongthe top 10in Infertility treatment intheworld and stem cell research in the Middle East because of the impressive advances in medical science and the commitment and expertise of the medical community .

IranRed Crescentdue to theimportance of this issue and medical excellence in 1392, with cooperation of Royan Institute that is the outcome activity of Learned to live doctor Kazemi Ashtiani and expertise of ACECR, established Rooyesh center located in the in  Hellal Iran complex. And now The center is officially ready to provide medical services at the national and supranational level.

Rooyesh ClinicalandCounseling Clinic


Theexperts after determining the results of preliminary tests and causes of infertility, offer the appropriate treatment to couples tend to enter them to the treatment cycle.Among the most common methods can be noted to IUI (Direct injection of washed sperm into the uterus), IVF (Fertilized outside the uterus), GIFT (transferring of the gametesto the outer third of the fallopian tube), ZIFT  (transferring the fertilized oocytesto the outer third of the fallopian tube), E.T (Embryo transfer to the fallopian tube),Micro injection, embryo freezing, and laparoscopy , Hysteroscopy ,  varicosel  .  

Helal Specialty and Subspecialty Center of Infertility (Rouyesh ), is located in the green environment of Helal Iran Pharmaceutical and Clinical Complex, in accordance with international standards and using the latest equipment and medical facilities and by taking advantage of its capabilities and experienced team, in various clinic wards provides infertility treatment.



Sperm laboratory

Inthis laboratory detection process quality, quantity and condition of sperm are done​​.Experts of this section after preparation of taken sperm, investigate them and select thehigher-qualitysperm-for treating the infertility. In this  labalsotestsfor detectionof DNAstructure and coloration to diagnostic and therapeutic activities.


Clinicsandoperating roomsfor men andwomen

After the experimental studyofsperm, If Azoospermia and otherrelated disorders diagnosed,expertsofferone of the surgeries  like TESE , TESAorPESA, and inthe women´s operating room after the initial diagnosis and preparation,transferred producedoocytesto the embryology lab asthey are used for theprocess ofIVF, ICSI, etc.. .

Department of EmbryologyandIVF

 Theexperts of this section examined  the embryos with the  use of  cameras to observe them microscopically , Then among the developing embryos, select about 2 to 3 embryos for transferring  them to the uterus.Generally in Embryology department  is done the required facilities for diagnosing the quality and health of embryos .


Experimentsof PND help to couples to diagnose genetic disorders before birth .PGD​​test gives the possibility of fetal sex selection and other features to your parents and professionals can also use this technique to detect healthy embryos before transferring activities.


Laboratoryfreezing  and cellstoragebank

After thetreatment process, the remaining embryos, oocytesand sperm were stored in a cold room enclosure that equipped with a liquid nitrogen tanks for an unlimited period.It  givesthe opportunityto the parents that usetheiroocytes , sperm and their embryosIn thefollowing yearsand alsomake it possible thatcouplesconsentthat available Oocytesorembryosdonatedto people whoneed themforChildbearing and also some people that have the special disease can freeze their sperm or oocytes or embryos.



-          Experts

-          Updatingequipment

-          Hoteling ( hospital hotel )

-          Treatment offoreign patients

-          supporting of IranRed Crescent and Royan Institute


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